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Smart Meter(AMR101)Project

Product Introduction:AMR101 is a device for remote reading of smart meters, using the RS232 or RS485 port to read the meter data and store in memory. AMR101 sends out alerts collected from the area, forming its own alarm system, and sends its own initial communications with counter information, depending on the critical level of the alarm. The whole machine complies with relevant certification standards, EMC, and relevant wireless technical protocols.

Hardware Function:Built-in GSM/GPRS module and SIM card connector add-on card,attached SMA antenna & Ethernet connector:AMR101 has optional 10/100 base t Ethernet LAN communication, attached 2PIN communication interfaces, namely RS232 and RS485,backup battery at the same time (optional).It receives and transmits signals through GSM module, monitors data remotely, reads accurately, and replaces the traditional manual meter reading.

Application Fields:Household Electric Meters, Telecommunication Phone Metering Photo Copier Usage Office, Government Renovation Project.

Software Function:

1. Supporting for standard internet protocol (TCP/IP).Using 3DES encryption algorithm to communicate with AKM, encryption and authentication can be performed when connecting communication units to prevent unauthorized access to data. 
Supporting two-way communication with TSS.AMR 101 responds to this query from AKM, initiating communication if preprogrammed conditions occur with AKM. Time synchronization using  NTP. Software guard dog reset.

2. Device software updates and communication protocol updates can be done remotely.AMR101 sends data that is periodically read and alerted or separately package using the  SSH agreement to AKM.AMR101 keeps the transaction log on its own and sends it to AKM if needed.

3. It not only supports dlms/cosem, iec21056-21 to read the data of smart meter but also supports GSM/GPRS to observe the signal level data(DBM).

4. AMR101 supports some brands, such like Viko, Actaris, Elster, Landis&amp Gyr, Makel, Kohler, Luna, EMH,  Elektromed.

5. AMR101 uses the public key-private key exchange method to realize SSL based security data transmission.
Technical Proposal:GEPVS has a software design and development team to work with our customers using the latest technology.  Working with our hardware design engineers GEPVS was able to create a solution that was both upgradable and scalable to meet future needs and customer requirements.. We  also specialize in SMT processing and efficient quality control.

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