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Supply Chain Management

GEPVS focuses on all the Customers needs, conducting Supply Chain Management to optimize the operation of the Supply Chain, comprehensively, the in-depth analysis of the Customers needs and requirements to, design the product in accordance with the Customers requirements. The start of the Supply Chain begins with qualifying suppliers that are capable of producing a quality product at the most competitive price.  The goal is a win-win strategy with all parties being satisfied with the outcome and the Customers expectations being not just met but exceeded.

Cost Control

Cost control is the practice of identifying and reducing business expenses to increase profits. In the process of development,design and production,GEPVS will obtain multiple Supplier bids.  In conjunction with the Customer we will compare these bids in order to arrive at the best choice.

Risk Control

GEPVS has a proven track record along with the knowledge and expertise to assist customers in developing and executing optimal solutions to problem solve. We apply Risk Management and Mitigation to control the whole process from initiation until completion of and delivery of the product to the Customer. However, even with the best Risk Management problems do occur and when this happens our team problem solves to identify and fix the issue and identify the root cause to develop strategies to avoid future occurrences. We will at all times protect our Customers interests, preserve our Customers Brand and reputation.

Quality Control

GEPVS recognizes that it is imperative to produce the product in accordance with the Quality Criteria that was identified during the planning phase of the project. As part of the total Project Management, project deliverables are produced, they are subjected to quality control before they are delivered to our Customers. Standards that were identified in the Project Management Plan need to be compared with the product and appropriate measurements taken to ensure compliance with the agreed pass/fail criteria.

Quality metrics will vary from projects to projects and each will be agreed in advance in accordance with the Project Management Plan, but will at a minimum include:
1. Failure rate
2. Defect frequency
3. Reliability
Should the Project specifications change then the necessary adjustments will also be made to the Quality Control process.

Logistics/Insurance And After-Sales Service

GEPVS can provide a complete logistics and transportation plan and consider many aspects to ensure that the products ordered by the customer arrive at the destination safely and quickly. We can also obtain Insurance from reputable and financially sound International Insurance Companies to protect against loss or damage to the product.

Your experience working with GEPVS and our ability to meet your needs is fundamental to us delivering on our commitment to you the Customer. We will seek feedback on our performance both during and after arrival of the Product with Customers. A critical part of our commitment to our Customers is to provide a positive experience for all your dealings with GEPVS.

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