GEPVS Limited was established in 2005. We started as a Hi-tech company focusing on Renewable Energy product, we then evolved into an ODM and OEM enterprise that focused on – customer specific needs and interests. Our current product range: Renewable Energy, Telecommunication, Multi-media Advertising systems, DEMO, High efficiency Batteries and OIL FIELD EQUIPMENT. 

Our experience with International Business started in 2010, when GEPVS provided Asian Regional Supply Chain Management to Turkey Telekom and Turkcell, signing a five-year contract. The main products included: Public Phone Systems, Communication Power Modules, monitoring systems. Subsequently we extended this to include Smart Meters, IOT ((Internet Of Things) Modules, and APP Development. 

The goal of GEPVS in effectively managing the Supply Chain is to: Satisfy all our customers’ needs by providing a complete end-to-end Supply Chain Service. This includes Auditing Qualified Manufacturers, Risk Control, Quality Control, Logistics and After-Sales Service for Customers.
The GEPVS Advantage


All inquiries, questions and concerns from customers are dealt with expeditiously. A thorough understanding of our Customers needs and requirements is critical in order to avoid any misunderstandings or unpleasant surprises that may arise due to a superficial understanding of whats required and when. We put building Customer Relationships to achieve coordination and cooperation, especially where multiple parties are involved, and thereby creating cost efficiencies to exceed customer expectations. We specialize in problem solving, providing effective solutions, tailored to your needs, with appropriate Risk Management, optimizing the whole supply chain to ensure timely supply of products and services.



Provide customers with product software and hardware design, resource integration and manufacturing capacity; 

According to the Global Research and Advisory firm Gartner Inc., by 2020 there will be over 26 billion connected devices. The predictions are that “if it can be connected – it will be connected” and the IOT is a giant network of connected "things", allowing for virtually endless opportunities. GEPVS is positioned to assist in building both the hardware and software (including Smartphone Apps) that will help launch these “products of tomorrow – today”.

We can help:

If you have a very good and cool product idea needs hardware/software to become reality!
If your application is in high demand but scalability is an issue!
If you want to build a great brand, form your own unique product, leave the competition in the dust!
GEPVS’s expertise will assist with the development, provided custom-made ODM/OEM solutions for customers. Meet the special application needs of individual customers, help customers achieve product differentiation and improve brand value giving you a competitive advantage.

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