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Internet Of Thing Project

Function:Downloading APP through system software can realize remote control of household appliances. Whether you go out or not, you can also control the switch situation perfectly without wasting resources. It has the advantage of stable performance and high reliability.

Ports: LAN*1 USB*2  DC contector*1  HDMI*1  MINI USB*1

Application Fields: Refrigerator, air conditioner, fan, television and other household appliances, monitor the equipment industry.

System: Android system and IOS system can be installed.

Technical Proposal:We have professional development team of designed software and hardware, meeting the requirement of customers and making the comprehensive consideration for customers. We upgrade the hardware and software of our products and optimize their performance. Further more, we are also specialized in SMT processing and efficient quality control.

We have many great cooperative partners and we will provide the best supply chain.

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