API-6A Wellhead Equipment(Casing Head、Christmas Tree Equipment)



 API-6A Wellhead Equipment(Casing Head、Christmas Tree Equipment)

1.Typical Well head Equipment
It can be used to fix drilling the mouth of a well, connect wellhead casing string, seal and control annular space between pipes, suspension tubing, control the pressure of wellhead and the flow of oil wells.Meanwhile, the oil can be induced to the wellhead. It can also be used to shut down the oil well when necessary.


2.Well head equipment with safety valve


3.Unitary electric pump well head equipment

4.Unitary quick loading wellhead equipment
The design of tubing head and casing head to be a whole.The bottom is threaded quick loading structure.
The upper flange and the body adopt quick installation locking mechanism.The main diameter valve of the production tree adopts the monolithic construction.Adopt all metal seal.

5.Unitary well head equipment tool
Cleaning tool is used to cleaning the  sealing surface of the unitary well head equipment.The incoming tools are used to put installed the bell-weevil hanger with metallic seal installation in place.Take out the tool to be use to remove the bell-weevil hanger metal device.

6.Double-barrelled Wellhead
Two well completion wellhead equipment can carry out two well completion operations in one well location simultaneously.Double tubing hanger can ensure that any pipe string is  up and down independently.It can meet different working conditions, safety and reliability.

7.Multifunctional well head equipment
The bottom is threaded quick loading structure.Upper flange for quick installation structure.Co.mpact structure and reliable sealing.Install conveniently and quickly.

8.Casing Head 
Straight hole design.Side outlet attended mode.Threaded pipe side outlet.Studding Flange side outlet.The casing suspender has interchangeability.The attended mode of bottom is varied.

9.Bottom slipped connection
Use WD type slip connecting surface casing.Use BT type double-seal structure.No need to accurately calculate casing setting depth.Not effected by environmental climate and other condition.The installation is convenient, fast, safe and reliable.It is applicable to all kinds of bushing: 30 "20" 13-3/8 "12-1/4" 9-5/8 "7" 5-1/2 ", etc.

10.Bottom threaded connection
The bottom can be used with various specifications of threaded connection with the table, such as: CSG, LCSG, BCSG, TM and so on.It is suitable for various specifications of bushing: 20, 13-3/8, 9-5/8 7, 5-1/2, etc.

11.Bottom welded connection
The bottom is adopted sleeve welding and connected to the surface bushing.There are pressure test holes in the design of welded annulus to verify the welding effect.Applicable casing program: 20 13-3/8, 9-5/8, 7, 5-1/2, etc.

12.Casing spool
The auxiliary seal of the casing cross joint adopts BT type sealing structure, the seal is safe and reliable.
Users can choose slip type or mandrel hangers according to their needs.Various sizes of sleeves can be hung.

13.WD type casing suspender
WD type casing suspender is used for connection between casing head and surface casing and makes the slips clasp casing through external force. It can be installed and disassemble conveniently, work safely and reliably.

14.WE type casing suspender
Manual excitation seal.The seal is safe and reliable.It is suitable for low tube weight and shallow well low pressure working conditions.It is suitable for all casing heads and cross joint. 

15.W type casing suspender
Sealing by casing self weight.The seal is safe and reliable.It is suitable for deep well high pressure working conditions. It is suitable for all casing heads and cross joint.

16.Supporting tools
All kind of specifications get in and get out tooling.All kind of specifications wear bushing.All kind of specifications test stopper.

17.Oil Casing Head
Oil casing head has current straight hole design, can install all kinds specification of single pipe and double pipe completion oil casing suspender, the highest pressure can up to 20000PSI.It has large carrying capacity.It has  designed with VR thread plugging.The bottom is designed with  BT type double sealing mechanism, the field is installed through cutting casing to fit the height of the sealing device.

18.Tubing hanger
Material comply with API 6A standard and nice standard.Use a variety of sealing forms such as
metal and rubber.Quick and convenient installation.The tubing hanger has a BPV thread inside.The tubing hanger has  control pipeline interface with subsurface safety valve.

19.Cable Mandrel Hanger


20.Cable Pass Through Directly Tubing hanger


21.Christmas Tree
Be used to Control the pressure of producing wellhead and regulate the flow of oil and gas well, it can also be used for special operations such as acidizing, fracturing, water injection, steam injection and testing.Can meet different working conditions, reliable sealing and safety.Split and integral structure.
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