AC DC Automobile Smart Charge With Advertising Machine Module



Product Introduction

The production and consumer purchase of Electric Vehicles continues to rise at a pace consider unprecedented a decade ago. Governmental emission standards worldwide are putting greater pressure on automobile manufacturers to comply with regulations that add to the attraction of Electric Vehicles compared to those powered by the internal combustion engine. Along with this increased ownership of Electric Vehicles the necessity to build the infrastructure to recharge them is obviously essential. As battery costs continue to go down and battery capacity continues to increase technology has made Electrical Vehicles a viable alternative and soon to be replacement to the internal combustion engine.

AC DC Smart Charging Stations are a critical hardware technology requirement in producing  Electric Vehicles charging. Electric Vehicles ranges from home devices that are generally of the slow or overnight charge variety through the fast and rapid chargers that are available as part of a public network. With increases in technology costs, capacity and charging times are part of a continuously improving scenario, so today’s standards are tomorrows history, but at present we can categorise these as follows:

Home Devices(Slower Units)

Usually requires between 6 and 12 hours to deliver a full charge.

Fast Charges

Usually requires 3 to 4 hours to deliver a full charge.

Rapid Charges

Will deliver a 80% charge in 30 to 60 minutes and those maybe AC or DC units.

The GEPVS units are of the newer generation Rapid Chargers that have been specifically developed with a focus on safety, reliability and advanced design technology. Our units incorporate the latest technology for ease and simplicity of operation and include multi-function media advertising. It is mainly used for medium and fast charging of electric buses and cars.


(1) The charging power is large, the output current and voltage spread are wide. It can meet the needs of different passenger cars. (require some Specific maximum power, need engineer to provide)

(2) Four charging modes can be selected:according to time, amount of electricity, a monetary amount or full charge.

(3) Mult-media advertising function, media type optional.

(4) Using color a LCD touch screen as an interface.

(5) The charging mode, time, power and charging information will all be displayed during the charging process.

(6) Compatible with the industry recognized communication interfaces in order to provide optimal communication functions. It can upload the running state parameters of the DC Charging Station, with monitoring and real-time diagnostics as well as measuring charge characteristics and amounts.

(7) Along with strong reliability and stable performance, our stations are designed to be environmentally friendly and energy saving.

(8) These units are in cased in a strong flame retardant shell and meet all safety standards protecting the users from accidental electric shock.

Selected accessories: Multi-media advertising screen
                                    Advertising canvas color:Grey black+white or gray black +Silver
Electrical: Rated input voltage:380VAV±15%(three-phase)
Working Frequency:50Hz±10%
Output Voltage:200~500VDC/350V~700VDC
Output Power:30kW,60kW, 120kW, 180KW
Efficiency ≥95%  Power factor ≥ 0.99
Ripple Peak- Peak Factor ≤0.2%
Security: Short Circuit Protection √ Overtemperature Protection √ Battery Reverse Protection √Connection Exception Protection √
Lightning protection C level+Lightning protection level D

Others: Fixed mode:Floor/Removable
            Protection level IP65
            Working  temperature(-20℃~50℃)
            Ambient humidity ≤90% non-condensing


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