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Education Bureau Invigilate Equipment

A Multifunctional Digital Clock-OSYM

Product Introduction:
The products use matte black aluminum alloy machine body which can be hung on the wall of living room, classroom and church. It can not only display the time,but also can monitor all the movements indoor  continuously and stealthily for 24 hours. The products also has a certain degree of encryption, some data will not be easily stolen. By double-encrypting both hardware and software, non-encrypted staffs cannot read internal data and information through the encrypted built-in memory card.

Application Fields:School Examination Room

Software Function:
1. USB dongle: stop the video by USB dongle.

2. Double Encryption Protection: The native playback requires a 6 - bit valid password and SD card is confidential.

3. If the card is set to be secretly protected and cannot be viewed by another machine or device, be sure to look through the clock.

4. Native ID and password: The user can set the native custom 6-bit character ID number.

5. Time and ID watermark: In the video file, the date and time can be identified, and the customer's ID (or room ID) can also be identified in the video.

6. Journal Function: The product can generate log files, start recording time and stop recording time, can be recorded.

7. Battery Status: Electricity situation at any time visible, can be replenished in time.

8. Software wide dynamic function: There are high performance image processing function and software wide Dynamic Range function, Both in strong light and weak light, it has a very good picture quality. Under the rui pan, it guarantees the frame rate of 1080P 30 frames. Video is fluent and does not lose frames.

9. Automatic Continuous Video Recording(Time can be set up and choose): Automatic circular recording. When the card is full, it automatically overwrites the existing data to protect the file.

10. Power on automatically after power supply, save video file and shut down after power off: After the power supply is supplied, the product will start up automatically, and when the power is disconnected, the machine will be shut down automatically after 10 seconds of recording, so as to protect the recording file.

11. Slow Video: Supporting the interval between two frames to achieve the effect of fast video playback.

12. Time Adjustment And Dynamic Settings:After the computer equipment is installed and powered,Setting  the time display according to the local time, with dynamic and static screen display function, and can input the slogan and welcome.

Technical Proposal:We have professional development team of designed software and hardware, meeting the requirement of customers, making the comprehensive consideration for customers and recommending the best alternative for customers We upgrade the hardware and software of our products and optimize their performance. We have pre-production high quality control ability and after-sales service technology support
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