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Smart Reading Pens

Pen And Earphone - Helping The Visually Impaired Take Exams

Product Introduction: By using specially coded paper the text is effectively imbedded and hidden from the naked eye, and isn’t reliant on an individual being proficient braille.  Likewise, while technology has facilitated the production of books, signs and other documents in braille it still not a simple process and coupled with braille literacy statistics this has been an impediment to the visually impaired.  The GEPVS Smart Reading Pen helped significantly by allowing those with sight impairment to take exams and can be configured to any language required by the customer.   With recording and voice data storage on the built-in SD card, a variety of options are available, such as synchronizing with a server and utilizing speech recognition functionality exam answers can be produced immediately.   Using UDiskDect.exe, a computer-side tool, with built-in synchronization time limit (start-end) can seamlessly integrate in any time zone in the World.
Hardware Function: Earphone, microphone, recording, volume adjustment, recording playback, modification, time reporting, inspection, language selection.

Application Fields: School/University Campus / Schools for the Visually Impaired  (special group)/ Language Learning

Software Functional Application: UDiskDect.exe,

Technical Proposal:Participating in front-end software and hardware development and production input technical support; providing professional after-sales service; meeting the requirement of customers and making the comprehensive support for customers.

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