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Turkey Public Telephone Project


Magnetic Card Reader :The user can use a bank card, deposit card or credit card to make a phone call.  Payment is deducted in accordance with the specific features of the card including any additional charges that maybe applied as part of the card usage agreement.

Coin Operated Pay Phones: While the proliferation of the mobile phone has lead to a diminution in the number of Pay Phones there is still a requirement in many communities.  Often it is a Government requirement that Phone Companies provided a certain number of Pay Phones located throughout Cities and in Rural communities.

Application Fields:University Campuses, Public Places including areas not covered by the mobile phone network,  Municipal Buildings and Public Institutions.

System Software:  ASCOM , Siemens


Technical Proposal: Provide an integrated telecommunications system comprising and developing system management software and hardware design and production;  This project also called for a commitment to provide first-class after-sales service and support; There were also prerequisites to provide various options for the customer to consider and select those they considered best suited to their requirements

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