Off-Grid Systems

Solar Off-Grid System are widely used in remote communities, areas or individuals with environmental concerns, islands , telecommunication base station and other place where it’s not possible to access public supply systems, or it is too expensive to supply electricity. Typically within its own closed circuit, the system acts to convert incoming solar energy directly into the power supply load system that meet the needs and requirements. Excess power will be stored in a battery and available for usage at night or during periods of low sunlight.



(1) Low Energy Consumption, Low Cost. 

(2) It is safe and reliable and will not be affected by a energy crisis or any rising cost of fuel used by the Utility Company. 

(3) It will not produce any waste, pollution, noise and other public hazards. 

(4) It is an ideal clean energy that has no adverse impact on the environment. 

(5) It’s quick and easy to install with added flexibility to scale. As needs change the scalability of the solar array and battery storage can be increased to accommodate increased power requirement. 

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