Solar Telephone Booth And Passenger Bus Shelter Projects

GEPVS was recently commissioned to design and manufacture Solar Power Systems for Public Telecommunication and Passenger Bus shelters.



In the case of the Solar Phone Booth, this consisted of a public telephone and signal tower with solar panels which enable the phone company to deploy Phone Booths in areas where there was no connectivity to the normal power grid. In the day time, solar panels receive solar energy and convert it into electrical output, storing the electricity in a battery utilizing charge and discharge controllers. At night, the controllers detect changes in voltage and discharge of light or other loaded batteries. The main function of controllers is protecting the batteries from damage.

Given the simplicity of the system the Solar Telephone Booth is powered directly by solar energy and doesn’t require the digging of ditch and laying of cables, saving energy and making installation easy. The replacement of a conventional hard-wired telephone with a radio telephone, extended the service coverage area to anywhere on the mobile communication network and where the wired telephone didn’t previously exist.

Drawing on the battery power that has been generated during the day light hours, night time illumination of the Phone Booth creates a pleasing and carbon-neutral environment.

Bus Shelters were originally designed to provide protection from the elements for passengers awaiting and arrival of the bus. This was a fairly simple structure that required little other than roofing and sidings. Solar systems have transformed these basic structures into a modern technological marvel that incorporate such features as:

(1) Charge mobile phones and free Wi-Fi services.

(2) Real-time bus arrival information.

(3) Round –the –clock camera surveillance.

(4) Fitted with screens that as act as advertising billboards.

By harnessing solar systems with other technologies the number of differing configurations and potential uses multiples and includes:

(1)Solar Street Lighting

(2)Automated Teller Machines

(3)WiFi Internet Information Services

(4)LCD Information Panels

(5)Wireless Device Charging Station

More and more of these services will be available on streets and more energy will be needed to support them. Solar public multipurpose booths will provide this energy in an eco-friendly way without taxing overburden. National Energy Grid that in many countries barely meets existing demand.


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